"Help! My furnace is out and my house is cold, what should I do?"

Don't worry, just give us a call.  We'll get the heat back on in no time.  And with our affordable flat-rate prices you can rest assured no budgets will be harmed during the repairing of your furnace.

"I think it's time to replace my furnace but how much will it cost?  Do I need a new AC system too? How long will it take to install a new furnace? Where do I start?"

We are glad to answer any questions you have, though some will be specific to your home.  We offer free in-home estimates where we simply gather the info we need to answer your questions accurately and give you a firm price for installation.  We go over your options in as much or as little detail as you like.  No pushy sales people on a (com)mission.  The ones giving the estimate will be the ones installing your system.

"I have an eye on maintenance (and my budget) and need my furnace to last as long as possible.  What do you recommend?"

Nobody knows winter like West Michigan. Well, aside from our furnaces!  As one of the most neglected home appliances, your furnace is the only thing making your home livable for most of the year.  There are many components that can fail from years of built up debris or simply from laying idle all summer. 


Scheduling a tune up ensures your HVAC system is operating safely and efficiently when it comes time to fend off the cold.  And after all, maintenance makes cents!  ...I'm so sorry, I tried not to